Dependability. Reliability. Maximum uptime. Our customers’ priorities. Our priorities. Dallas strives to build the most reliable equipment in the market today… but sometimes service is needed. We back all of our new equipment with 24/7 service response. Additionally, Dallas stocks and maintains a wide range of standard replacement and repair parts, ensuring that many replacement parts are available for immediate delivery. Engineering details for every part we manufacture at Dallas is kept on file no matter when the part was originally manufactured. Should a Dallas manufactured part not be in stock, we work to get the part out in a timely matter. Your priority is equipment reliability, so we prioritize building dependable equipment supported by fast parts and service response!

Some of our customers prefer a “turn-key” installation including leveling, lagging and wiring, along with start-up assistance and training for operator and maintenance staffs. Others prefer a single day of basic operator training. Either way, we are here to support your new Dallas Industries’ equipment installations.

Our start-up and training personnel can provide an on-the-floor, hands-on review of proper setup, operation, and maintenance procedures. Training covers instructions for proper operation and maintenance of the equipment and its controls, along with coil feeding guidelines such as proper loop settings and straightener setup procedures. This type of training can greatly enhance the operator’s comfort level with the new equipment and reduce the learning curve. The results are often increased production uptime and dependability and better long-term equipment performance.

Our industry best 5-5-2 warranty gives you peace of mind when you buy from Dallas. That’s part of our total commitment to you.

  • 5 years on servo feed drive, motor, reducer and HMI*
  • 5 years on all parts manufactured by Dallas Industries
  • 2 years on the entire machine.
*Applies to Control Techniques/Emerson-based Controls Only
Contact Dallas factory rep for full details, including conditions and exclusions.