• Control Techniques or Allen-Bradley drive and servo motor.
  • Slant face operator control console with eight feet of cable.
  • Digital servo controller and a high performance AC brushless servo motor.
  • Remote 2 button jog pendant (multi-function).
  • Self-diagnostic electronics.
  • Length setting in .001 inch increments.
  • Touch screen display for length and speed data entry.
  • Profile Motion profile or User adjustable acceleration for feeding delicate material.
  • Disconnect with lockout provisions.
  • Serial communication capability with press controls (optional).

ProfileSelect™ is a unique feed control system that is exclusively available through Dallas Industries. Most servo feed controls use a trapezoidal motion profile that creates quick, jerky motions that can cause slippage, material damage and added stress to machine components. ProfileSelect on the other hand, uses a sinusoidal (cam motion) profile. This results in a smooth feed motion that utilizes 100% of the press feed window, reducing stress on the material and the feed’s mechanical components.

SyncLoop controls synchronize the feeder and straightener speeds dramatically enhancing the loop’s stability and control. Loop height set-points can be stored in job recipe, providing highly tuned feed and loop control for each job.

Coil line setups should be quick and consistent for the best results. This can be a challenge when a variety of operators with varying experience are running the same line. To assist, Dallas Industries offers AutoSet. AutoSet allows for some or all of the adjustable points on a feed line such as straightener rolls, edge guides, coil guides and feed passline to be automatically positioned based on job recipe. AutoSet provides quick, consistent setup for each job helping enhance part quality and reducing job setup time.”

Would you like to have these Dallas SmartControls features on your feed line, but you don’t have the need or budget for a whole new feed or line? Not to worry, Dallas controls can be retro-fitted to any existing feed or line as long as the mechanical portion of the current system is viable. A System Upgrade is a great way to add new life and features to a line without having to replace it!