Troy, MI — Dallas Industries(, a leading manufacturer of coil handling, press feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry has delivered two new UnderLoop SpaceSaver™ feed lines to Manufacturas Estampadas S.A. de C.V. (Manesa), Chihuahua, Mexico, a leader in the manufacture of metal parts.
The two UnderLoop press feeding lines are both designed to run steel up to 0.250 in. thick, up to 36 in. wide and are rated for coils up to 6,000 lb.
One line is a servo feed with piloting pull thru straightener with load car. The other is a more basic cut-to-length line with a production hydraulic shear, servo feed with pull thru straightener and under-loop threading, with no load car.
A Dallas UnderLoop SpaceSaver servo feed line design consists of a hands-free threading system featuring a servo-driven synthetic tension roll for maintaining proper coil tension while uncoiling. The UnderLoop system also incorporates a lower pivoting table with a feeder/straightener mounted rocker arm/de-bender for easy coil threading.
The uncoiler includes powered coil guide rolls that eliminate the need for slide-on coil keepers and automatically centers the coil on the mandrel.
The Dallas Industries SpaceSaver lines require only 20 feet of floor space. To enhance setup time, the feeder passline height, edge guides, coil guide rolls for auto coil centering the coil on the uncoiler are automatically adjusted to position. The settings for these axes stored in the job recipe—a Dallas feature termed AutoSet.
Manufacturas Estampadas S.A. de C.V. (Manesa), founded in 1988 by a Belgian engineer, and strategically located in Chihuahua, Mexico, is an organization certified on ISO/ TS 16949. Their leadership style is the result of integrating European and Mexican managerial principles. Since its beginning, Manesa has produced stamped metal, sheet metal production, e-coat and powdered paint coating, and other secondary operations.
Dallas Industries’ full line of products includes press feeding lines in both conventional and SpaceSaver configurations. Dallas also designs and builds servo feeds, heavy-duty straighteners and coil handling equipment in a wide range of sizes and capacities.