Also, company to team up with Aida-America to feature a small conventional feed line.
Troy, MI — Dallas Industries(, a leading manufacturer of coil handling, press feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry has announced that the Colson Group, Jonesboro, AR has taken delivery on two Dallas conventional feed lines, with a third on order.
Colson’s quality lines of casters and wheels offers over 200,000 different standard caster models, plus the expertise and technology to provide a custom solution for virtually any caster application.
The new feed lines each have 10,000 lb. weight capacity and handle 12 in. wide coil widths. They are basically similar, conventional lines, but with one having a bit heavier-duty feed and straightener for heavier gauge material. The heavier-duty line can accommodate gauge material thickness of coils up to 0.250 in. material at 12 in. wide. While the other two lines can handle material thickness up to 0.187 in. At the 4 in. wide level both can handle even heavier gauge materials. Both are equipped with traveling load cars that are used to safely and rapidly place the coil on the reel..
All are fitted with Dallas’ SyncLoop technology control package, wherein the coil O.D. and loop depths are monitored and payout speeds adjusted based on a combination of the line speed average (from the feeder), coil O.D. size and loop depth settings. The units also have automated coil guide rolls that help to center the coils on the reels without operators having to slide coil keepers on and off. The coil centering feature is automatic and stored in job recipe.
The lines are built on an Allen-Bradley, Ethernet-based control architecture and feature ProfileSelect™, a unique feed control system that is exclusively available through Dallas
Industries. It uses a cam-motion (sinusoidal) profile. This smooth profile results in a feed motion that utilizes 100 percent of the press feed window, reducing stress on the material and the feed’s mechanical components.
The system also has AutoSet features including feed passline, feeder/straightener edge guides and reel coil guide all auto-positioned based on job recipe.
Since 1885, Colson’s quality lines of casters and wheels have defined the caster industry.
Dallas Industries’ full line of products includes conventional and compact coil feed lines, as well as servo feeds, air feeds, heavy-duty straighteners and coil handling equipment.